Random Tower Generator


takes a site boundary line and pops out buildings!

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RC Slab span calculator

slab thickness

Had a chat with a colleague today and got to know the a rule of thumb for RC floor spans: 1m thickness to every 12x12m slab.

Thought it would be really helpful to determine slab thicknesses on the fly, and hence this quick definition that adjusts surface slab thickness according to the area between columns.
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Generating Furniture Layouts

furniture layout generator animation

A conversation with a friend recently led to this definition that generates furniture layouts according to a given plan.

The idea of quickly sketching out furniture layouts on plan has been something on the back of my mind – to quickly sketch a plan, and then just as quickly find out how many people can a given space accommodate, in order to improve the iteration process in designing something like, say, a cafĂ© or an office space.
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