Landscapes with World Machine


culmination of a few days of tests, learning about cloud shadows, reducing texture tiling , ambient occlusion, and World Machine.

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Staircase Maker


Any person who uses grasshopper for more than 3 days probably dreams of making staircases by scripting, just because its a pain to calculate them all the time. This definition is made to work with all types of lines (well there are really only three types), but forgoes the making of landings.

I found spiral configurations very fun to make with the definition, as it makes stuff that reminds me of the Laurentian Library stairs.

spiral universal

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Rainwater Downpipe Generator

rainwater pipe generator.gif

So I have this recurring love for mundane architecture in Japan, especially the way pipes and wiring and exhaust outlets are treated as part of the facade and hence beautifully laid out.

Here’s one take on generating pipes on a building surface! just add points and your building facade as a brep.

Collision with openings is solved with a loop (Anemone has been awesome) that moves the line in both directions on a surface until it reaches finds a connecting route.

Rock Generation


I recently played a beautifully atmospheric game called Inside thought that their rocks were really quite beautiful, as abtract, simple cuts.

Hence these interesting looking flint-shaped objects being populated on a surface!

I also wanted to limit myself to as many standard Grasshopper components as possible, and managed to squeeze it down to only one non-standard component (tt toolbox’s Object Bake component).

Collision detection is also implemented, and it works… mostly!

Looping goes like this: Seed > generate rocks and randomly place then on surface > check for collision > bake > read new amount from geometry pipeline > feed into seed.