Viewsheds (2d) .6

viewshed on 3d grid_sml

comparing the amount of things one sees on any point on a site, to form a 3 dimensional grid of best vantage points.


works on existing buildings too!


Cloud of Chairs!


essentially a ‘randomly-pick-a-point-and-orient-1-of-4-combinations’ loop

A non-geometric approach to chair population, allowing the designer to input 4 chair combinations and populate a ‘cloud’ of chairs through random selection.

The second part of the definition is slightly more interesting as it deals with post-population alteration with some Kangaroo2 magic. Connections between chair sets use magnet snaps, while grab allows the designer to ‘pivot’ the chairs around to fine-tune the design.

chair cloud pt2.gif

I say fine-tune because Kangaroo doesn’t like too much movement and goes haywire if one pulls too quickly, and plus the current definition isn’t too optimized for something more complex than 10~ chairs. Nonetheless an interesting method that I would like push forward.

P.S. also had a first stab at making a multi-threaded the Offset Surface component (was a really painful half day trudging through forums that led to a python component that was still slower than a single-threaded one)

Plugins used : Kangaroo2, ghpython, Anemone, and if you noticed the colours of chairs in the second gif, Daniel Piker’s ‘Colourful’ component :).